Helping people take one-step-forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

As concern over COVD-19 mounts in media, social realms, schools, organizations, and churches worldwide we are committed to taking the steps necessary to provide a safe environment to our cherished church family.

As we continue to monitor conditions and recommendations by local officials, the CDC, and our state we will inform you of any changes in direction as soon as possible. The decisions here have been weighed heavily by your Immanuel Church board who cares deeply about our community. Our hope is that through the uncertainty ahead the church will fellowship and help people take one step forward in a fresh way.  

We will live-stream a service on Sunday morning. We also encourage you to meet in a small or micro group through video messaging. Your Sunday morning class may also decide to meet together online, we will leave this up to the coordination by your class leaders. 

We will proceed without a spirit of anxiousness or fear and place our trust in our faithful and caring Savior. We will maintain a spirit of wisdom while loving our neighbors. Today it’s less about going to a church building and more about being the church to our neighbors, family and friends.

- Pastor Russ

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