1. I trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation and the forgiveness of my sins. 
  2. I agree to uphold and be held under Immanuel Church's doctrinal statement. 
  3. I agree to attend faithfully and engage with the Immanuel Church family regularly. 
  4. I agree to continually develop the abilities God has given me. 
  5. I commit to personal private worship, prayer, and reading of the Bible. 
  6. I commit to an attitude of forgiveness and grace towards others in my words and actions, as well as following the principles set forth in Matthew 18:15-17, refraining from gossip or slander of any kind. 

1. Being Prepared 

  • Music will be sent out early in the week. Review and become familiar with the songs before practice on Wednesday night. 
  • Any vocal or instrumental leads will be communicated to you early in the week. Please have these practiced and ready for Wednesday night's rehearsal. 
  • Punctuality - Please arrive to practices and run-throughs early enough to be set up and ready to start at the scheduled time. Not showing or coming late affects the whole team and the effectiveness of rehearsals. 
  • Be ready to start at the beginning of rehearsals.
  • Setup, warmup, and tune prior to the start of rehearsal/run-through.
  • Make sure you are set with in-ear monitors and microphones prior to the start of rehearsal/run-through.

2. Proper Stage Posture 

  • Come with your heart prepared, just as much as you are prepared musically. Be authentic and transparent. 
  • Dress modestly and humbly. Our purpose is to lead the congregation into worship, not draw attention to ourselves. 

3. Commitment to musical/technical expertise - Excellence honors God 

Excellence honors God and inspires people. We want to do both as we lead people in worship. To achieve musical and technical excellence, we need to work on our instrumental, vocal, or technical ability to become the very best we can be. This includes individual practice as well as playing with the team, and individual lessons. The team will only be as proficient as the individuals it is composed of. 

4. Over-communicate 

  • Use elvanto to accept and decline scheduled dates 
  • If you need to cancel, please provide at least one week's notice prior to the rehearsal by emailing Chris at chris@immanuel.cc
  • No need to find yourself a replacement
Join Our Team!
  1. Read through vision statement, commitment, and expectations.
  2. Fill out the application. 
  3. In-person interview with Pastor of Worship Arts followed by an informal jam session (unless applying for a tech position). 
  4. Attend two practices. The first - is to observe and familiarize yourself with the technology we use. The second - is to observe again and join the team for a song at the end of the normal practice. 
  5. Added into the regular rotation at the beginning of the next schedule 
Apply for the Worship Team Apply for the Tech Team