Small Groups

Small Groups at Immanuel are made up of 8-14 people, who study scripture together, meet either on-site or in people's homes, and work to develop community. Groups are made up of men and women that have a desire to help each other grow more Christlike as they encounter what God's word has to say. 

Contact if you are interested in joining a group.

Adult Bible Fellowship

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am

The Strong Foundation is an on-going class that meets for prayer and study. The group consists of couples and individuals concerned with making a difference in the world by knowing and living like Christ. The group is largely career-aged and many have school-aged children. They are currently studying the minor prophets of the Bible.


Teachers: Kevin Groothuis 

Room: L014A

Teacher: Steve & Kris Holman

Room: L017

This is an ongoing group in the later stages of their careers and those near or in retirement.  This class is currently studying Messianic prophecy of the Old Testiment. 


Teacher: Kevin & Rachel Bywater

Room: L038

Teachers: Dave & Nan DeCook

Room: L018

The Fellowship Class is an on-going class that meets for prayer, songs, and study. The group mainly consists of post-retirement aged individuals and couples seeking to know God and strengthen their relationship with Him. Some are parents, many are grandparents and great-grandparents. The Fellowship class meets during the first hour and enjoys discussing the message from the previous Sunday. It provides a teacher-led discussion with an appreciation for input from all in a "no pressure" environment.

* This class meets at 10:45 am

Teacher: Rich Kornoelje

Room: The View

EIKON Sunday Morning

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am

Our 8th Grade boys gather at 9:30 in room L026 for a time of discussion-based, biblical teaching. 

Our 6th Grade boys gather at 9:30 in room L026 for a time of discussion-based and biblical teaching. 


Our Middleschool girls gather at 9:30 in the Student Ministries Center for a time of discussion-based, biblical teaching. 

Our highschoolers gather at 9:30 in room L024 for a time of discussion-based and biblical teaching. 

Life Change Addiction Ministry
Tuesdays, 6:30-8 PM

This men's group is an ongoing study and accountability group that meet on Tuesday evenings in room L038. 

Led by our Pastor of Adult Discipleship, Ken Gentzler, this group's goal is to bring about lasting life change in the lives of men strugglig with addiction. 

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more or joining the group, please contact

Care & Discipleship Training
Sundays, 11 am

The Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Training will provide instruction about the authority and sufficiency of God's Word and how to lovingly and appropriately share God's Word with others, whether formally or informally, as they face times of crisis and deep need and/or as they simply engage in the ongoing process of spiritual growth.  Topics will include: The Sufficiency and Superiority of God's Word, The Need for Biblical Counseling, The Doctrine of Spiritual Growth, How to Grow and Change, and many more.

This class meets on Sunday morning at 11 am in room L014A. If you have any questions, please contact