UPDATE: Classes are not currently meeting in person due to COVID-19. However, some classes are meeting online. If you would like more information on which classes are meeting, please email info@immanuel.cc. 


You are welcome to attend any current classes:

Fellowship 9:00 am

The Fellowship Class is an on-going class that meets for prayer, songs, and study. The group mainly consists of post-retirement aged individuals and couples seeking to know God and strengthen their relationship with Him. Some are parents, many are grandparents and great-grandparents. The Fellowship class meets during the first hour and enjoys discussing the message from the previous Sunday. It provides a teacher led discussion with appreciation for input from all in a "no pressure" environment.

  • Teacher: Rich Kornoelje - Rm The View

Faithbuilders 10:45 am

The Faithbuilders Class is a weekly group of believers eager to know God's Word and see Christ's power in their families. Many in the Faithbuilders group are near or just after retirement age. Many in the class are parents, and many have grandchildren. The class studies dive deep into what scripture has to say and how it is relevant to their lives. The class is currently studying Genesis. Genesis: is a book of beginnings; The Word, Life, and God's Work to Create a People to Call His Own. Join Faithbuilders as we spend the next year in an in-depth study of the book of Genesis. 

  • Class Teachers/Leaders: Don & Lisa McGee, Bruce & Linda Masopust- Rm L026

IYA (Immanuel Young Adults) 9:00 am

IYA is a new ABF for young adults, college, and early career, single, engaged or newly married. The class is currently studying prayer. Prayer is simply you- a child of a good Father- making conversation with Him, a rhythm of your life. We will be reading Paul Miller's book a Praying Life to learn prayer that regularly and consistently hopes, trusts, and expects God to act.

  • Teacher/Leaders: Marc & Laura Anthony, Mitch & Maegan Moore - Rm L014B

Young Marrieds 10:45 am

Join us for our new Adult Bible Fellowship Class as we discuss the important foundation of starting off your marriage right on topics such as communication, conflict, forgiveness and community.

  • Teacher: Dennis & Becky Flemming, Jared & Andrea Fantin- Rm L024

The Branch 10:45 am

The Branch is an on-going group in the later stages of their careers and are beginning to care for our parents. Many in the class are parents, and a few have grandchildren. The class studies dive deep into what scripture has to say and how it is relevant to their lives. The class is currently studying Bill Crowder's book: The Spotlight of Faith. Each week we will look into the life of a lesser known Biblical figure and see how every day people serve God in every day circumstances.

  • Teacher/Leaders: Kevin & Rachel  Bywater - Rm L016

Reflections 10:45 am

Sovereignty of God & Suffering of Man- The Reflections class will be answering has God really scripted everything that is happening on the earth? Why does He allow the ones who love Him to suffer? Why does He allow the innocent to suffer?

  • Teacher/Leaders: Dave & Nan DeCook - RmL018

The Fold 10:45 am

The Fold is an on-going class that meets for prayer, songs, and study. The class is taught by Steve Holman, one of our resident Global Partners, whose focus is on training and educating ministry leaders through the world. The group consists of a wide range of ages, those in the middle range of their careers to those nearing retirement.  The current study is on the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The Study will be going through the various topics addressed in the last book of the New Testament, Revelation.

  • Teacher/Leaders: Steve & Kris Holman, John & Jannelle Clark - Rm L017

Strong Foundation 10:45 am

The Strong Foundation is an on-going class that meets for prayer and study. The group consists of couples and individuals  concerned with making a difference in the world by knowing and living like Christ. The group is largely career aged and many have school aged children. The class is currently doing an Inductive Bible Study. We will be learning about and using the inductive Bible study method to strengthen our ability to study and apply God's Word. We will use this method to study chapters from both the New and Old Testament

  • Teacher/Leaders: Kevin & Angela Groothuis, Paul & Season Pycraft - Rm L014A

Sunday Morning Adult Classes (ABF)