Micro Groups  & Small Groups

Bottom line is: people were made for community. There are very few other places in our society where people can find accountability, challenge each other, and grow spiritually.  By participating in a group at Immanuel our hope is that you may find a welcoming, challenging, and spiritually maturing group of people who care about you and your development in Christ-likeness. 


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The MicroGroup Five Questions

1 - How has your week been?

2 - Worship Service Tie-In Question(s):  Were you in the church service this week?

  • If you sometimes wonder where your blessings are, how do you cope with difficulties? What is your natural inclination in times of waiting?
Read Mal 1 - What is the modern equivalent of a blind/crippled/sick goat? What is YOUR blind goat?

  • What are some ways people try to manipulate God?
  • What dreams do you have that you might need to hold less tightly as you surrender to the Lord's will?
  • What is the easy way in front of you? Is there a more challenging option that requires more trust in God or more integrity? Have you ever been given an option that was gray? Or two options that aren't necessarily black and white? Black and White decisions seems easy, yet we often choose the wrong one, so what are some ways we can make good decisions? (Saying the grey options out loud or to a godly friend tend to turn the options black and white)  Do you ever consult with a friend?  How do you know their advice is worthwhile?

3 - What have you studied or learned from the bible this week? How does it challenge you? How could you apply it to your life? 

4 - How have you been able to reach out to someone this week? 

5 - What can we pray about for you (specifically)? What can we pray

about for someone close to you? What can we pray about for our church, community and world?