Micro Groups  & Small Groups

Bottom line is: people were made for community. There are very few other places in our society where people can find accountability, challenge each other, and grow spiritually.  By participating in a group at Immanuel our hope is that you may find a welcoming, challenging, and spiritually maturing group of people who care about you and your development in Christ-likeness. 


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The MicroGroup Five Questions

1 - How has your week been?

2 - Worship Service Tie-In Question(s):  Were you in the church service this week?


Palm Sunday:  Popular opinion is fascinating.  Thinking of Jesus' triumphal entry where he was exalted as King, then the same crowd less than a week later shouted "crucify Him".  This crowd expected an immediate deliverance, yet were greeted with a humble sacrifice.   In what ways is your life not shaping up to expectations when you received Christ into your life?  Why is that so?  Giving Christ the throne of your life can be daunting, and times even terrifying.  What areas do you have the most trouble giving over to Him?  On a percentage scale, how important to your daily life is your relationship with Christ?  Why is it so important?  With who should you share Christ, regardless of the consequences?

3 - What have you studied or learned from the bible this week? How does it challenge you? How could you apply it to your life? 

4 - How have you been able to reach out to someone this week? 

5 - What can we pray about for you (specifically)? What can we pray

about for someone close to you? What can we pray about for our church, community and world?