Micro (3-5) Groups  & Small Groups

Bottom line is people were made for community. There are very few other places in our society where people can find accountability, challenge each other, and grow spiritually.  By participating in a group at Immanuel our hope is that you may find a welcoming, challenging, and spiritually maturing group of people who care about you and your development in Christ-likeness.  

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This Week's Tie-In Question:

Series: Counterfeit gods | Success

Have you ever paid a price for doing the right thing?

What is the success and achievement you hope for?

What success have you been given that you attribute to God's blessing?

Last Week:

Series: Counterfeit gods | Money 

What are some of the biggest traps the unconvinced believe about love? 


What are some of the biggest temptations for believers to fall into the trap of disordered love(s)?  


How do we begin to reorder our loves?