Micro Groups  & Small Groups

Bottom line is people were made for community. There are very few other places in our society where people can find accountability, challenge each other, and grow spiritually.  By participating in a group at Immanuel our hope is that you may find a welcoming, challenging, and spiritually maturing group of people who care about you and your development in Christ-likeness.  

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Worship Service Tie-In Question: 

This Week

John the Baptist's primary message (Matt. 3) was "repent' for the Lord is near.   His mission was to make the way straight and prepare the way for Christ.   What ways in your own life do you need to make the way straight for the Lord?   What areas do you need to repent?

Last Week

How is your life...actions, thoughts and emotions informed by the hope of a coming Savior?

How are you prepared for God's judgement?

What do you have in your family that helps you "watch"  (for our coming Savior) well?

The MicroGroup Five Questions

1 - How has your week been?

2 - What have you studied or learned from the bible this week? How does it challenge you? How could you apply it to your life? 

3 - Worship Service Tie-In Question(s)

4 - How have you been able to reach out to someone this week? 

5 - What can we pray about for you (specifically)? What can we pray

about for someone close to you? What can we pray about for our church, community and world?