Next Steps - Adult Classes

Our adult ABF classes starting February 18

Class options:


1st Peter: In the midst of suffering, do you ask WHY (is this happening to me)

or WHAT (am I to learn through this)? Peter focuses on the WHAT and

the results that suffering can produce. 

Teacher: Rich Kornoelje - Rm The View

The Branch

A study in applying Biblical and practical principles to the role

of grand parenting and being a Christian influence on our

children's children.

Teacher: Kevin Bywater - Rm L038


  The Church, God's Design 

Third installment of a series on "the Church". During this study

we will focus on the church's nature, purpose, authority, 

and God's gifts. 

Teacher: Gene Schnuckel - Rm L026

The Fold

2 Samuel in Redemptive History

The reign of King David in 2 Samuel represents a breakthrough in God's plan to

redeem the world. The covenants that God had already made with his people, first

with Abraham and then with Israel, culminate in God's promise to give David an

eternal kingdom. The unrighteousness of the later kings of Israel and Judah

would eventually lead to God's punishment through exile to a foreign land.

But God's promise of an eternal kingdom means that David's family will ultimately

bring a worldwide blessing for all peoples, most notably in the last and greatest

Son of David, Jesus Christ.

Teacher: Steve Holman - Rm L017

Strong Foundation

Life comes at us fast, filled with real responsibilities and not so important diversions.

We can get driving so fast along the highway of life that the things that matter

                                                           most to us get neglected, including our relationship with God. Is it time for a spiritual reset in your life? Join us as we use the book Reset by

Dr. David Jeremiah to help us discover the lessons found in the

  book of Nehemiah.

Teacher: Kevin Groothuis - Rm L014A


The Assurance of Victory Over Sin. No Christian should live in defeat day after day

year after year. No Christian should feel hopeless in their struggle against sin. We will

show you why and how. It is the promise of God!

Teacher: Dave DeCook - Rm L018

Parenting Prodigals

Are you the parent or grandparent of a wayward child? Join us as we examine the

parable of the Prodigal Son and learn how to partner with the Father in His

quest for the lost. Find encouragement and hope as we join together in prayer

for those we love.

Teacher: Don McGee - Rm L014B