Next Steps - Adult Classes

Our adult ABF classes starting April 8

Class options:


1st Peter: In the midst of suffering, do you ask WHY (is this happening to me)

or WHAT (am I to learn through this)? Peter focuses on the WHAT and

the results that suffering can produce. 

Teacher: Rich Kornoelje - Rm The View

The Branch


Being a prophet of Jehovah in a day that no one is listening.

 Teacher: Kevin Bywater - Rm L038


  The Church, God's Design 

Third installment of a series on "the Church". During this study

we will focus on the church's nature, purpose, authority, 

and God's gifts. 

Teacher: Gene Schnuckel - Rm L026

The Fold


Christ is All.  We need the message of Colossians

because when we don’t understand our faith, we tend to water

it down and accommodate the Gospel, when we have little confidence in    

our faith, we are easily shaken by challenges, and

when we are no different than the world, we discredit our

faith. Come and get a good grasp on this amazing book

that points us to Christ, who is ALL.

Teacher: Steve Holman - Rm L017

Strong Foundation

Life comes at us fast, filled with real responsibilities and not so important diversions.

We can get driving so fast along the highway of life that the things that matter

                                                           most to us get neglected, including our relationship with God. Is it time for a spiritual reset in your life? Join us as we use the book Reset by

Dr. David Jeremiah to help us discover the lessons found in the

  book of Nehemiah.

Teacher: Kevin Groothuis - Rm L014A


Finding God’s guidance:  Does God tell you His will for your life? 

Can you hear His voice?  How can you tell what He is saying?  

Can you be sure?  Is experiencing God’s guidance for the

normal Christian or only for the super-spiritual Christian?

Teacher: Dave DeCook - Rm L018

Moses: Failure and Faith

This elective will focus on the life of Moses

Teacher: Dennis Fleming - Rm L014B

Can you Believe It?

Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?  Why Should Anyone

Believe Anything At All?  Has God Spoken?  Are There Reasons To

Doubt Darwin?  If God Is Good, Why Is There So Much Suffering? 

Can Atheists Be Good People? Is Hell Too Harsh?

Teacher: Alex Ritzema - Rm L037